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Easy Reflexology

Any age * Any place * Any time Easy Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic healing therapy that uses pressure and massage techniques to work on reflex points on the feet or hands. Stress and tension is relieved and aches and pains are alleviated,...

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Easy Pilates

Any age * Any place * Any time Easy Pilates

Pilates exercises develop strong abdominal, buttock and deep postural muscles to support the skeleton and act as the 'powerhouse' of the body. The method also lengthens the spine, builds muscle ton...

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Easy Pilates for Pregnancy

Any stage * Any place * Any time Easy Pilates for Pregnancy

During and after pregnancy itís vital to stay fit and healthy, and thereís no better way of doing this safely and effectively than through Pilates. EASY PILATES FOR PREGNANCY presents a range of e...

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Easy Tai Ji

Any age * Any place * Any time Easy Tai Ji

Restore health and well-being and revitalize your life. EASY TAI JI teaches the most popular form of tai ji - the short yang form - in simple steps, making it easy to fit your practice in and aroun...

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The Reflexology Manual

The way to total health The Reflexology Manual

THE REFLEXOLOGY MANUAL answers all the basic questions about this natural, holistic therapy. Using special pressure and massage techniques on reflex points of the feet and hands, reflexol...

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