The Book of Runes

An ancient Western oracle to serve you in your life now The Book of Runes

Use THE BOOK OF RUNES and the Viking rune stones to gain insight into your present and your future. Fully revised for the tenth anniversary and repackaged to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this international bestseller, Ralph Blumís classic work is now even more relevant as a tool for self-help.

Pack contains 25 rune stones, drawstring bag and a 152-page illustrated handbook.

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Bestseller Over 1 Million Copies Sold
Author Ralph Blum
Ralph Blum is an anthropologist and a student of the oracular tradition. Following a period in Italy as a Fulbright Scholar, he returned to Harvard for graduate work in Anthropology with grants from the National Science Foundation and Ford Foundation. Encountering the runes by chance while doing research in England in 1977, Ralph Blum subsequently explored their origins and reinterpreted their meaning in terms appropriate for our time. His books include The Book of Runes, Rune Play, RuneCards, Healing Runes, Serenity Runes,the Little Book of Runic Wisdom and the Relationship Runes. He has been working with the Viking runes as a tool for self-counselling since 1980.

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