The Cup of Destiny

Tell your fortune with this traditional art The Cup of Destiny

Learn the ancient art of reading tea leaves – or coffee grounds – with this beautifully designed cup and saucer, based on an original Edwardian design. Reading the leaves is a fun and easy way of making predictions for you, your friends and family.

The 96-page book illustrates and explains the meaning of over 200 symbols, so you can build up a full picture of the coming weeks. If you see a horse, for example, you may need all your strength and patience in the next few days. An ivy leaf shows that you need endurance and faith now, but you will win the support of your friends. A heart near the rim of the cup means that love is not far away, while a cake may signify a celebration or a party. Why not turn the kettle on now and start your first reading?

Box contains a traditional Edwardian-style fortune-teller's cup and saucer and a 96-page illustrated book.

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Bestseller Over 100,000 Copies Sold
Author Jane Lyle
Jane Lyle is a writer on psychology, sex, sociology, paranormal and divination topics. She has been intrigued by the tarot from an early age, and learned the traditional art of reading tea leaves from her grandmother. Jane’s books include The Cup of Destiny, The Lovers' Tarot, The Renaissance Tarot, Secrets of the Zodiac, The Key to the Tarot and The Fortune Teller's Deck. She was a contributor on Homeopathy, How to Read Faces, How to Read Handwriting, The Macmillan Dictionary of the Paranormal and Natural Magic. In addition, she has edited The Complete Guide to Astrology. Jane also writes regularly for periodicals and newspapers. See also

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