The Druid Animal Oracle

Work with the sacred animals of the Druid tradition The Druid Animal Oracle

The Druids revered animals as sacred guides, guardians and protectors. Today, THE DRUID ANIMAL ORACLE can bring healing and will help you draw strength from its intuitive knowledge.

The ani...

The Druid Animal OracleCONNEC0042 £17.99

The Druid Animal Oracle Deck

Let the animal cards call to you The Druid Animal Oracle Deck

Our ancesters revered every aspect of the natural world. The bond between them and animals was so extraordinarily rich that they found themselves in relationship not simply with lowly beasts, but w...

The Druid Animal Oracle DeckCONNEC0078 £8.99

Bird Cards

Let the birds heal Bird Cards

Discover the remarkable healing power of birds, and how they can support us in our daily lives, with this powerful deck. Jane Toerien reveals the characteristic energies of fifty-five well...

Bird CardsCONNEC0226 £10.99

Karma Cards

Guaranteed to entertain, amuse and enlighten Karma Cards

Want to know whatís in store for your love life, your career, and your finances? Ask the KARMA CARDS, the spiritual guidance system designed to help you communicate wisely with your Higher Self. S...

Karma CardsCONNEC0012 £12.99

The Angel Oracle Deck

Open your heart to the angels The Angel Oracle Deck

THE ANGEL ORACLE DECK is a model of the love and perfection of the Angelic Realms, and it offers you a special relationship to aspects of yourself you may not have been aware of before. It can brin...

The Angel Oracle DeckCONNEC0133 £8.99