Titania's Crystal Ball

Now you can 'see' your future Titania's Crystal Ball

Psychic gazing, scrying or seership are all terms for the ability to 'see' what events may unfold in your life. In days past, this ability was the province of sensitives, seers and clairvoyants - usually women - who were highly respected for their intuitive skills.

Now Britain's most famous and widely read White Witch, presents TITANIA'S CRYSTAL BALL, and explains how with the proper approach, patience and concentration, anyone can learn 'crystalomancy' and see their own future, and that of others. Given the right preparation and focus it will be your lens on a new vision of the world.

Box contains authentic crystal ball with 'stand' and a 64-page illustrated guidebook.

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Bestseller Over 100,000 Copies Sold
Author Titania Hardie
Titania Hardie is Britain's most famous White Witch. Through her mother's guidance Titania nurtured her own psychic abilities and developed a deep affinity for understanding nature and harnessing its power to enhance lives and well-being. Titania has a degree in psychology and has trained in parapsychology and horary astrology. She also has degrees in English literature and romantic studies. She has made hundreds of television appearances around the world, and has received widespread national newspaper and magazine coverage.
Her previous titles include Hocus Pocus, Bewitched, Titania's Oraqle,Titania's Book of Love Potions, Enchanted, six books of Wishing Spells, Fortune Cards, three packs of Spell Cards, White Magic, Zillionz, Hubble Bubble and Dreamtime. Her books have sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide.


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